Windsor, Santa Fe and Oklahoma City


We departed Monument Valley at sunrise ready for the long drive to Windsor, Colorado.  We quickly bypassed Arches National Park on the way.

Welcome to Colorado!!

Welcome to Colorado!!

We only did a quick drive through Arches and it is definitely one place we’re sad we couldn’t spend more time in – so we will be back!

Colorado is an absolutely beautiful State of the USA and we are glad we got to experience a small part of it.

We arrived at Kelly’s house (Bryce’s cousin) late in the afternoon.  Kelly, Bryan, little Tessa and Joel were so welcoming – it was like being at home for a couple of days!  They live in a beautiful area and have an amazing home.  We were shown around their hometown and got to taste a few of the delicious local beers – which the district is well known for.  We also had a fun picnic down by a local lake where somehow Bryce managed to get Joel soaking wet!  It was a heap of fun hanging out with Tessa and Joel and it made us realise how much we miss our little nephews back home.  We are hoping to go back again to visit the Strnad family in winter as we had such a fun time staying there!

SO BIG THANK YOU TO THE STRNAD FAMILY – we had an awesome time staying with you!  Oh and please email us that mojito recipe!!!

Bryce and the oldest house in the USA!

Bryce and the oldest house in the USA!

From Windsor we had another big drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We couldn’t go to New Mexico without trying the local Mexican food so that was our first stop for the evening!  It was delicious!  The next day we woke early to spend the morning exploring the historic downtown.  We got to see the oldest church and the oldest house in the USA.  It was a really interesting place and the architecture was so difference to anything we’d see before.

Around lunchtime we hit the road again for our very long drive to Oklahoma City.  We took the historic Route 66 and bypassed many of the old towns which had some really nostalgic motels and restaurants.  It was a sight to see and even though the drive took almost nine hours it really was worth the trip.  Due to our late arrival in Oklahoma City we didn’t see much but we can say we have been to the Oklahoma State – our 11th State so far!

We’re a bit behind in our blog posts – we’ve now spent some time in Texas, Louisiana and are now in FLORIDA … so watch this space as there will be further updates over the next few days.

Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona - Windsor, Colorado - Sante Fe, New Mexico - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona – Windsor, Colorado – Sante Fe, New Mexico – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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