Texas – Fort Worth and Houston


This trip has truly shown us how welcoming people are.  We had stayed with wonderful people in both San Diego and Windsor so were looking forward to staying with more friends once we hit Texas.  People really are kind and open in this world.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Fort Worth, Texas - Houston, Texas

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Fort Worth, Texas – Houston, Texas

We arrived in Fort Worth from Oklahoma early afternoon to stay with Bryce’s friend Caleb and his family.  Both Caleb and his parents Paul and Shirley were so kind to us.  Paul and Shirley took us out for our first taste of Texas food – Texas BBQ.  It was AMAZING.  From dinner we headed to the famous Fort Worth Stockyards and the Friday night rodeo.  It was the perfect way to experience proper Texas and we had a ball.  The next morning Caleb and his fiance Rhianna took us to the Gaylord Hotel for a fancy breakfast.  What an amazing place – everything certainty is bigger  in Texas!  It was only a short and sweet visit with the White family and we wished we could have stayed longer.  They were incredibly kind and generous and we were lucky to stay with them.   It must be karma for all the times my parents have opened their home to stray travellers. BIG Thank you to the White family!!!

We hit the road for Houston and there were no problems (haha).  We stayed with our friend Maria and her boyfriend Simon (and the coolest dog Bentley).  We had such an awesome time with plenty of laughs (Bryce’s naked pants – inside joke).   We headed out to try the famous TexMex we had heard about which is a Texas take on Mexican food.  Texas does the best food and it was soooooooo yummy (although I could hardly walk afterwards due to being so full).  We headed out for a couple of drinks after dinner before heading home for the night.  Carrying on the Mexican theme we had breakfast tacos for breakfast.  Bryce was in Mexican food heaven!  Maria and Simon were the perfect tour guides and we got to see how cool Houston truly is.  So, thank you for having us you two – you really did make us feel at home!

Okay… new post in the next couple of days about New Orleans!

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