New Orleans


From Texas we headed to Louisiana and the city of New Orleans.

New Orleans is such an interesting place and we loved it straight away.

Unfortunately the camera didn’t like the humidity and it packed a sad after the first day so we don’t have many pictures to show you.

The French Quarter

The French Quarter

On our arrival we quickly got ready and headed out to explore the French Quarter.  Bourbon Street was our first stop and it was CRAZY.  New Orleans is definitely a party city.

The next morning we drove for an hour from New Orleans to a plantation called Oak Alley.  I’d really wanted to view a plantation and learn the history so it was fantastic to finally see one in person.  We got a tour of the huge plantation home and learnt all the history of the past owners.  The owners were incredibly rich and had no problems spending their money on themselves.  For instance they would spend $5,000 a week (equivalent to today’s money) on bringing ice down from Canada to help cool down their huge home.

We then toured the slave quarters.  It was horrible to think that while these rich people lived in grander their poor black slaves lived in horrible conditions within view of the main home.  Entire families lived in these tiny shacks in extremely humid conditions after working all day in the sugarcane fields.  They also displayed some of the shackles they had used on the slaves.

I don’t understand how people could treat other people like that based on the colour of their skin.  We’d both read and seen things on the history of slaves in America but seeing a place like that in person really puts it in perspective.  It’s disgusting that people could act like that.

Over the next few days we explored the city some more.  We loved the old buildings, the beautiful verandahs and the music of New Orleans.  We also got to experience some of the yummy Southern food such as gumbo, jambalaya and chicken fried chicken to name a few!   Delicious!

New Orleans was an amazing place and we loved every second.  It was also an eye opener.

We’ve now hit Florida so more on that soon (plus the camera started working again after we hit Florida yahoo)!

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  1. Hi Bryce and Belle
    Just been reading your travel blog and catching up with all your news.
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time and making the most of every day.
    Continue having fun,
    Take Care
    Lots of love
    Janette and John

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