Florida Part 2 – Miami, Key West and St. Augustine


In our last Florida blog we finished in St. Petersburg.

From St. Petersburg we headed to Miami and checked into our motel.   We spent four nights in Miami and it was a little rainy but we still made the most of our time.  We explored  the art deco architecture around South Beach and as soon as the sun came out we headed straight to the beach.  We also went out for a couple of lunches in Miami and got sucked in by the cheap meals and two for one drinks.  However, the waitresses forgot to mention how big the cocktails were!  Ginormous.  We needed afternoon naps every time we had one.

St. Petersburg, Florida – Miami, Florida – Key West, Florida – St. Augustine, Florida

Our biggest highlight in Miami was our Everglades Airboat tour.  Our guide Captain John had been driving airboats for 49 years and he knew all about the wildlife of the area.  We got to view lots of birds plus alligators which was amazing.  Plus we also learnt that alligators like cheesos (similar to cheezles) but shhhhhh don’t tell the park ranger.  The Everglades were really beautiful and we hope the photos give you an idea of what they are like.

After our four nights in Miami we headed towards the Florida Keys with our sights set on Key West (the southern most point in the USA).  Key West was an awesome little town and we had a heap of fun exploring it.  On our first day there we headed to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park which is home to another beautiful beach.  We had fun snorkelling and relaxing on the beach.  From there we headed out to explore the cool little town some more  plus got to view a spectacular sunset that evening.  The following morning we spent time at another beach before heading off on our seaplane adventure to the Dry Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson.  The seaplane tour was another huge highlight of our trip and lucky Bryce got to sit in the front of the small seaplane – he grinned the entire way there and back.  The seaplane flew really low so we got to see giant sea turtles swimming in the ocean!  It was amazing.  Once we landed at Dry Tortugas we spent time exploring  Fort Jefferson and then snorkelled and relaxed on the  absolutely stunning beach. We almost had the beach to ourselves as only 10 people can go on the seaplane tour at time.  Bryce had heard there were small  sharks in the water so he couldn’t wait to start snorkelling. But within five minutes of snorkelling Bryce and a few others from our tour had a very close interaction with a VERY BIG shark.  I’ve never seem him snorkel so fast back to shore before.  But, once Bryce found out it was just a nurse shark he hopped straight back in the water.  However, once I heard the word shark I  stuck close to the shore!  Belle + sharks do not mix very well.  After four fantastic hours at Drt Tortugas we flew back to Key West on the seaplane and then hit the road again.

Our next stop was St Augustine – the second oldest city in the USA.  We stayed at the local State park by the beach.  Again we had an awesome campsite.  The first afternoon we spent relaxing on the beach (yet again) and the following morning we explore the township and its beautiful architecture.  I even managed to find another second hand bookstore to stock up on more books for the remainder of our trip.

Florida was definitely one of our favourite States in the USA.  No doubt, we will be back to explore some more one day.


  1. It was funny that Bryce had to swim really fast away from the shark . It was only a nursery shark and maybe it wanted to play with him! We liked the plane and the alligator and the air boat but best of all we liked the beaches, the shark and the alligator. We miss you but you both look very happy Aunty Belle and Uncle Bryce. Hope you have a happy time with Doris this month before you go and see Aunty Myra and Uncle Kees. Keep safe. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one from Tomas x . love you lots from Alex and Guyon and Tomas too.

    • To Alex and Guyon
      Thank you for your awesome comments! Bryce and I are both glad you love our pictures. I think the shark wanted to play with Bryce too – he should have stayed instead of swimming away! We miss you both lots and Tomas too. Please give Tomas a big hug and kiss from us.
      Lots of Love Aunty Belle and Uncle Bryce

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