Charleston, Washington and Philadelphia


Our last post ended in Florida. From Florida we made our way to South Carolina and the small city of Charleston.

Charleston, South Carolina - "Somewhere", North Carolina - Washington, District of Columbia - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Charleston, South Carolina – “Somewhere”, North Carolina – Washington, District of Columbia – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

On our arrival we quickly found a campsite just outside of town and settled in for the evening. The following morning we headed into Charleston to explore. Charleston is well known for its famous historic horse carriage rides so our first stop was buying tickets for a tour. It was really worth it and the tour took us all around beautiful historic Charleston. Our guide knew all about the area and we got to view some absolutely stunning homes. After our tour we spent time exploring the local market and the township a little bit more. Since the weather was still relatively warm we hit the beach that afternoon before heading back to the campsite for dinner. Charleston was really beautiful with lots of interesting history so it’s no wonder it is one of the most popular holiday spots of Americans.

After our two nights in Charleston we hit the road again with our sights on Washington, DC. It was a long drive to Washington – almost 9 hours – so we decided to split up the drive by spending a night at a State Park along the way. We found one on a map about three hours from Washington in North Carolina. There were only three other groups in the entire campground and the ranger said it hardly ever fills up. It was very peaceful and relaxing – we still haven’t got sick of camping in the beautiful State Parks and National Parks of the USA.

After our State park stopover we kept on towards our destination of Washington. We decided to camp just out of Washington and to travel in each day for sightseeing. We were lucky in the fact that we found a campsite only 20 minutes drive from the major city sights.

Annabelle at the United States Capitol

Annabelle at the United States Capitol

On our first day in Washington we spent a while driving around looking for a place to park Dorris. All of a sudden the traffic backed up and we weren’t allowed to go anywhere. Police were all over the scene and we had no idea what was going on. Suddenly a convoy of police on motorbikes travelled past, then a limousine with the American flag on the front, then some black vans and finally a flashing ambulance. Turns out it was Mr Obama in his presidential limousine. What a way to start our time in Washington.

During our time in Washington we spent many, many hours exploring the plentiful monuments both during the day and at night time. Our favourite was probably the Vietnam War memorial. ¬†We were also lucky that we visited Washington before the government shutdown began so we were able to go to the Smithsonian museums such as the Air and Space Museum plus we got to hit the zoo before they both closed to the public. Our timing was perfect in respect to the Government shutdown – we just hope it is over soon as we’d like to go to a few more National Parks and things before our trip is over.

From Washington we headed to Philadelphia, Pensilvania for the night. Philadelphia is another beautiful city again with lots of history. We spent our time exploring the historic district before making our way to Love Park and the famous ‘Rocky’ steps. Unfortunately Bryce did not want to recreate the famous running up the steps scene for me. I also had to stop and get a famous Cheese Steak for lunch – a famous Philadelphia sandwich. Delicious! Our time in Philadelphia was short but we still got to see a lot plus learn heaps about the city’s history.

Our next stop on our journey was New York (my new favourite city) so keep an eye out for that blog soon!

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